William Tucker

About William Clay Tucker, RICP, CAP, CRPS, ChFEBC – Owner/Principal

In his 20 years of experience with some of the largest financial Institutions in the Southeast, William has long wanted to establish a practice dedicated to the primary needs of his clients, both business and family. In doing so, he wanted to be free to provide advice and assistance unencumbered by proprietary products, quotas and self-serving agendas that come with corporate affiliation.

William’s professional focuses include:

  • Income Distribution Design
  • Philanthropic Advisory
  • Social Security Benefits Timing and Planning
  • Disability and Business Continuation
  • Estate Planning
  • Asset Management
  • Legacy and Greater Goals For Family

William can summarize his work the way he summarized it for his child: He helps people with their kids and their money. He does that through his work as a financial, retirement, estate and philanthropic planner, consulting with families about how their assets fit in their family systems and collaborating with other like-minded professionals. The common thread in all that William does is an effort to share authentic life; keeping that front and center has served him well and the clients he’s been blessed enough to serve. William helps his clients plan ways to pursue their favorite pastimes, support their most important causes, and provide for future generations.

Our purpose is to assist individuals and families pursue their highest aspirations, and live life to their full potential as both individuals and contributors to the family. Helping clients navigate the difficult issues related to living well, minimizing taxation, efficiently transferring assets, and advocating worthy causes are the cornerstones of The Woodville Group, LLC.